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So you're ready for your test? Why not test your knowledge by answering some of the typical test day questions outlined below; good luck -

1. When can you overtake on the left?

2. At a junction where all roads are of equal importance, to whom would you give way?

3. At a stop sign which has no white line, where would you stop?

4. What position would you take up when turning right from a one-way street?

5. How would you turn right on a major road?

6. How would you know a zebra crossing at night?

7. What does the island in the centre of a pedestrian crossing mean?

8. What restrictions are there in relation to the use of the horn?

9. When driving at night, when should you use dipped headlights?

10. What should you do if dazzled by the lights of an on-coming car?

11. What is a clearway?

12. What does a broken yellow line mean?

13. What does a single continuous yellow line mean?

14. At a maximum, how far should you be from the kerb when parked?

15. How close to a junction can you park?

16. Where should you NOT park?

17. Where should you NOT overtake?

18. What is a safe distance to drive from the car in front of you?

19. If you saw a red triangle on the road side, what would it indicate?

20. What is the sequence of traffic lights?

21. At a junction, where traffic lights are not working, to whom would you give right of way?

22. What does a GREEN traffic light mean?

23. What does an AMBER traffic light mean?

24. Name three people in authority for whom you must stop?

25. If you were entering a one-way street at the no entry end, what road markings would you see?

26. When can you cross a continuous white line?

27. What is the national speed limit?

28. What does a continuous white line mean?

29. What does a broken white line mean?

30. What rules apply to a box junction?

31. At traffic lights, what does a flashing amber light mean?

32. What do ZIG-ZAG lines mean?