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Tailored Driving Lessons

Individually tailored lessons in a 5* NCAP rated dual controlled car or in your own car. Individual driving lessons can be done in one hour, two hour sessions. We'll collect you from home free of charge for each driving lesson and we'll provide the car which is fully dual-controlled and fully insured for driving tuition purposes.

EDT: Essential Driver Training.

This is a course of 12 driving lessons designed by the RSA that everyone [whose Learner Permit was issued on or after 4th April 2011] must complete before sitting their Driving Test. This requires some preparation before you start and some practice as you complete the lessons. This practice and preparation can be done with a 'sponsor' or with an ADI [Approved Driving Instructor]. Please see our Essential Driver Training Page for further information.

Intensive Lessons

Taken over a short period of time. Maybe you've recently failed a Driving Test or just need some final prep on your driving?  Don't worry we'll sort your driving out over an intensive period

You will do an intensive driving lesson in one day; call us for more information.

Pre-Test Lessons.

Identifying areas of potential problem and providing fault correction where required; to ensure so you are completely ready to take your driving test.

Use our Pre-Test Lessons to give you the best possible chance of passing the Road Safety Authority Driving Test first time. It's usually spread over two 2 hour sessions but can be done in any combination of one and two hour sessions to meet your needs. During these driving lessons we will cover everything you need to know to pass the driving test, including -

~ The correct way to drive during the driving test.
~ Examples of the theory questions you'll be asked during your driving test.
~ The vehicle checks you'll have to do at the start of the driving test.

You can take this course in your own car or you can use the Grahams Driving Academy vehicle.

Night Driving Lessons.

At the end of the lesson students will be able to drive competently through a variety of different traffic conditions, in rural and built up areas during night time.

Additional Services Available.

~  Under the bonnet technical checks and the cockpit drill.
~  Eco Driving Awareness.
~  Door to door service including; Home to Home or Work to Home if necessary.
~  Additional Car Safety Training.
~  Motorway Driving Lessons
~ Use the Grahams Driving Academy training vehicle for your driving test if you own car is not suitable for any reason.