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1. [a] When the driver in front of you is turning right. [b] When you intend to turn left. [c] When the vehicles in the lane on your right are moving more slowly.

2. Traffic on the right and traffic already turning.

3. At the Stop sign

4. The extreme right hand lane.

5. Mirror and signal and then move into the right hand lane when clear, keeping left of the centre line of the road. When a safe gap occurs complete your turn. NEVER CUT THE CORNER and always give way to pedestrians crossing.

6. By the yellow flashing beacons.

7. Each side of the island is a separate crossing.

8. It must not be used between the hours of 11.30pm and 7.00am, in a built up area, except in an emergency.

9. [a] When meeting on-coming traffic:[b] When following close behind another vehicle: [c] Dawn and Dusk: [d] During adverse weather conditions: [e] In a well lit, built-up area: [f] To avoid causing inconvenience to other road users.

10. Slow down and stop if necessary.

11. Stopping or parking is prohibited [except by buses or taxis] during the period indicated on the sign.

12. A broken yellow line indicates the edge of the road or the presence of a hard shoulder.

13. A single continuous yellow line means no parking during business hours.

14. 18 inches. [45 cms.]

15. 15 feet.

16. [a] Near a bend: [b] The brow of a hill: [c] A hump back bridge:[d] At a continuous white line [e] Where your vehicle would obstruct a sign: [f] At an entrance [g] At a bus stop: [h] Opposite another vehicle on a narrow road: [i] At a taxi rank.

17. [a] At a bend: [b] The brow of a hill: [c] A hump back bridge: [d] At a continuous white line [e] Where your view of on-coming traffic is restricted.

18. Allow 1 yard [meter] for each M.P.H., double if surface is wet, or apply the 2 second rule.

19. That there is an obstruction on the road ahead.

20. Green/Amber/Red/Green.

21. Traffic on the right.

22. GO, if it is safe to do so.

23. STOP, if it is safe to do so.

24. A Garda, a Traffic Warden, or a person in charge of animals.

25. A continuous white line with a broken white line behind it.

26. In an emergency or for access.

27. 100 K.P.H. except on Motorways where it is 120 K.P.H.

28. You must not cross it.

29. You may cross it, if it is safe to do so.

30. You must not enter the box unless your exit ahead is clear. The only exception is; When turning, right you may enter the box and wait, provided that, all you are waiting for, is on-coming traffic to come on through.

31. Proceed with caution.

32. You must not stop, park or overtake, [other than in the normal flow of traffic] within the area marked by the lines